How I converted RSS to Instagram stories

RSS is quite old technology, but still many people use it. I like RSS, but RSS apps are old fashioned and uncomfortable for me. There are much better designs to read a content than boring news list. The one of them are stories. You may know this from Instagram or Snapchat. So, I decided to create a converter.

I wanted to put a title and a short description in each story. Almost all RSS channels deliver this data. But the main problem is with pictures of articles. Some channels delivers pictures, but most don’t. I think, the most important in the stories are images. The picture passes quicker information than the text, and I think this is the heart of stories. So what do with feeds witch don’t provide images?

We can find the cover image in… HTML social tags of the article. I noticed that, almost every news website has social tags. So I created RSS reader with scraping feature. The result is awesome. I have thousands RSS feeds with nice cover images now.

This is a short story how I created Stories Now. 🚀 Modern RSS Reader. It’s available for Android and iOS for free. You may download it from:

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